Tango Fiesta Coming to Steam, Screens/Video Released

You and up to 3 friends get to blast, shoot & knife your way through procedurally generated levels as the ultimate one (or 2, 3, or 4) man army
Developed by Spilt Milk Studios for PC and Mac, Tango Fiesta is a top-down co-operative two stick shooter for up to 4 players, with wacky, frenetic, comical, over-the-top, cheese-fuelled action of your favourite 80's action movies. Gamers take control of John Strong - the original hero's hero - as you and three friends shoot, blast, brawl, dodge roll, upgrade, unlock, smash and puntastic one-liner your way through the true stories behind all of the greatest 80's action classics in this endless arcade action 'rogue-lite'.
Published by Mastertronic, Tango Fiesta is available now via Steam Early Access and Get Games. Eight fresh screenshots and a new video have been inserted in our download section.