Oak Island Kickstarter Campaign Underway

Track down the legendary treasure of Oak Island
Visionaire Studio has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Oak Island, a point & click adventure game inspired by the Oak Island Mystery, which is a true story about an infamous treasure hidden somewhere deep inside the underworld of that island and protected by traps and flood tunnels.
The legend surrounding Oak Island started in 1795 when three men discovered a mysterious stone containing hieroglyphs and indications of a fabulous treasure. An incredible, centuries-long treasure hunt began that included several companies and individuals, including former United States of America President Franklin D. Roosevelt. But all they found were dead ends, elaborate traps, insanity or even their own demise. To date, six treasure hunters have died on Oak Island due to unexplained circumstances.
The main storyline of the game is set in the present, but often delves into the past to spread some light on the unfolding events. You and your girlfriend, Ann, who is a student of literature at Oxford University, will begin begin to uncover the secrets of Oak Island, and in doing so, put yourselves in grave danger.