Out of Hell 16 May 2014

They didn't get to make their own news
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1. Bohemia Interactive is celebrating its 15th anniversary with an Arma 3 Free Weekend (15- 18 May) and a Bohemia Interactive Weekend Sale on Steam, plus a free game for everyone until the end of the weekend: Arma: Cold War Assault. Bohemia Interactive also announced that people who have previously bought a non-Steam version of Arma 2, including the expansions and DLC, are now able to redeem their product on Steam using their original Arma 2 or Arma 2 expansion game's CD Key (often found inside the box or provided by the reseller via e-mail).

2. Strategy First has announced the start of its 25th Anniversary Sale available on Steam. You can take advantage of discounts ranging from 50% to 90% off the regular price.

3. Asiasoft has announced that the world's first English service of Phantasy Star Online 2 will go live on 29 May 2014 for players residing in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. Players who have activated their Beta keys will be able to access the server two days earlier on 27 May 2014.

4. Masthead Studios announced that their free-to-play shooter Guns and Robots is going through complete makeover that will take place in June this year. With easier to navigate and more user friendly interface, the upcoming update will bring significant improvements to the robot construction, the battles and will introduce a new system for upgrading items. All players will enjoy extremely reduced prices of all items and weapons in the store. This will allow players to build and enhance the robot of their liking and to try out all parts and weapons from the very start of the game with option to upgrade them at later stages.

5. Grinding Gear Games announced that their first charity race event has already raised almost $20,000 to benefit the Child's Play charity. The event, which started on Saturday, May 10, 2014 in the Path of Exile game, will continue to run untill Saturday, May 24, 1:00 PM PST. The exclusive item on sale for this charity event, the Angelic Mask, has sold over 3,600 units at a cost of $5.00 a piece, and is only available during the two week event. 100% of the proceeds are donated directly to the Child's Play charity. Participants of the event will be eligible to win various in-game prizes, which include special micro-transactions as well as signed art from Path of Exile. Additionally, Grinding Gear Game's partners such as NVIDIA, Razer, and Turtle Beach have provided keyboards, mice, and graphics cards that will also be awarded to participants. Grinding Gear Games will pick winners randomly from the participants whose characters reach the following levels or higher. Participants can win prizes from multiple tiers as their characters level up.