Kill The Bad Guy Dated, Video Released

Get ready for some gory fun later this month
In Kill The Bad Guy, a game developed by Exkee Studio for Windows, Mac and Linux, you must eradicate the bad guys all over the world. As part of an obscure Society tracking terrorists and evil guy around the world, you are in charge to plan their murder. To reach your goal, you have access to a very large set of deflectors and traps that you will be able to control in order to lead the bad guy to a violent death.
The harder part of your job is to remain undetected. No one should ever be able to detect you: no pedestrian, no camera and, of course, not the bad guy who would run away immediately. Your Society must remain secret. And remember that you are not a bad guy so you have to avoid killing innocent people at all cost.
Kill The Bad Guy will arrive via Steam and other digital platforms on May 28th for Windows, Mac, and Linux. In related news, we have a blooper reel that features some of the silly glitches experienced during development before they were nipped and tucked from the final game.