Exile Saga Kickstarter Campaign Underway

Explore a desolate world of danger and deceit; solve ancient puzzles and defeat the countless hordes of foes from another realm
Developed by Meraki Games, Exile Saga is a new, but old-style indie promising traditional RPG aspects such as leveling, different classes, challenging puzzles, and intense combat. The players experiences the world and battles many foes through the eyes of three young adventurers; Aedan, Mira and Sienna. You stand with them as they fight the overwhelming Empire of Nera, a demonic empire who invaded and conquered the entire world, and enslaved or destroyed all but the last remaining bastions of humanity.
There will be no random encounters - instead the enemies will wander the world and sometimes chase you. In the wilderness amongst the remains of the world you will encounter many caves and dungeons with only a flashlight to lead you through danger. With so many monsters, you will have to fight them or sometimes sneak past as the danger grows. Many challenges await you outside the safety of the monastery where the story begins.