R-Type Dimensions PS3 Version Released in North America

Tozai Games brings new features to the legendary R-Type and R-Type II on the Playstation Network
Tozai Games today announced that R-Type Dimensions, a compilation that includes R-Type and R-Type II, is available now for PS3 in North America - the game will arrive in Europe tomorrow, May 21st. Players will be getting R-Type, featuring all 8 original R-Type levels, and R-Type II, featuring all 6 original levels.
Both games have been given updated HD graphics, new audio tracks, and to top it off, players can even switch between new hi-res 2D/3D graphics, or play the classic versions with the push of a button. Tozai also added all-new features like Infinite Mode and Level Select that will allow players to learn the levels inside and out so they can shoot for those perfect, 1CC runs.