Co-op Mode Added to Space Hulk, Screens Released

Full Control introduce complete overhaul of multiplayer mode and teleases new five-mission campaign
Unveiling these five fresh screenshots, Full Control today announced that Space Hulk now includes cooperative play mode, as part of the latest free game patch which also includes a number of updates and bug fixes. The patch also coincides with the release of Harbinger of Torment, a new campaign for the PC, Mac and Linux versions of the game.
Players can now challenge friends, in up to 4-player co-op battles where three gamers each control a squad of terminators and one player controls the Genestealers. To support co-op gameplay, Full Control has given multiplayer a complete overhaul and is introducing a lobby system where players can see other gamers who are online and ready to play. The new co-op functionality is free with Space Hulk, so all players need to do is log in, visit the new lobby and play.