Guild Wars 2: Festival of the Four Winds Update Launched, Screens Unveiled

ArenaNetís newest release invites players worldwide to an all-new Four Winds bazaar with new game play, rare rewards, and a nod to launching in China
NCSOFT and ArenaNet today announced the launch of Festival of the Four Wind, a new Guild Wars 2 update that brings back the Zephyrite festival and helps mark the game's recent launch in China. Players are invited to experience a new version of the Four Winds bazaar, as the Zephyrites return to battle-scarred Lion's Arch and Queen Jennah launches an all-new Gauntlet and the Boss Blitz to help raise funds for the stricken city.
The update also adds new atmospheric touches that draw from Chinese art and culture, an in-game homage to Guild Wars 2's entry into China (May 15th). Eleven screenshots found their way in our gallery.