Drakengard 3 Out Now in Europe, Launch Video Released

Action-RPG brings dragons and epic combat to the PlayStation 3 system
Originally released in Japan, Drakengard 3, a prequel to the original Drakengard, is also available now in Europe via PlayStation Store, exclusively for PS3, Square Enix announced. Drakengard 3 transports players to a medieval world where six goddess-like sisters known as "Intoners" have brought peace to the earth with their power to manipulate magic through song. Harmony is disrupted, however, when the eldest sister, Zero, attempts to murder her younger sisters with the help of her dragon companion, Mikhail. As the story progresses, players find themselves in a battle to unravel the mystery of Zero and learn her true intentions.
Featuring the series' signature brand of action, Drakengard 3 pits players against hordes of fiends and foes in remorseless hack-and-slash ground combat, and then sends them soaring for pitched aerial battles on the back of Mikhail.