Interstellar Marines Update 11 Launched, Screens Released

The top features for the new update are a brand new game mode called Deadlock, and the introduction of the first new weapon in Interstellar Marines
Zero Point Software has launched a new update for Interstellar Marines adding Deadlock, a game mode designed from the ground up for tactical gameplay. Players win in Deadlock by capturing all 7 control points or by eliminating the enemy team. When a player dies they can be respawned by team mates capturing a control point, or by waiting 120 seconds, or by the last team mate alive fragging an enemy, whichever occurs first.
To enhance and expand the new gameplay opportunities Deadlock brings, the update also introduces the first of several new weapons: the AR 03 Assault Rifle with 4x ACOG scope. The AR 03 is a highly effective mid-long range weapon which excels at engagements at those ranges. The original weapon in Interstellar Marines, the CE-6 SMG, has been re-balanced to make it more effective at CQB ranges, cementing its role as the designated close-in weapon.
Furthermore, the new update adds Stronghold, a second map using the Astrodome framework. Stronghold is the first map to include two very distinct play styles and areas. One half of Stronghold is a dense, lush forest, which gradually blends into a tight, claustrophobic urban area which conceals a few surprises for the unwary.
Update: eight fresh screenshots found their way in our gallery.