SingStar Ultimate Party Announced for PS4, First Screens Unveiled

The next-gen edition of one of the best-selling music franchises of all time coming in 2014
Developed by SCE Worldwide Studios London for the PS4, SingStar will arrive later this year, alongside a compilation disk titled SingStar: Ultimate Party which will be available for PS3 and PS4. In SingStar, you can play solo in single player mode, compete with a friend or family member in battle mode, sing a duet in cooperative mode, or connect with the SingStar community by sending score challenges to your friends on both PS3 and PS4.
SingStar for PS4 encourages cross platform interaction - you can use your Android/iOS phone as a microphone through the SingStar App. The free app gives players the ability to manage their playlists and queue up the best tracks.
Four fresh screenshots found their way in our gallery.