Monochroma Gameplay Video and Screens Revealed

Inspired by current events as well as the developers' childhood memories of moving from the countryside to Istanbul
Nowhere Studios has released a gameplay movie and sixteen more screenshots for Monochroma, a puzzle platformer set in an alternate universe during the 1950s that tells the story of a boy and his brother who witness a horrific crime committed by an evil corporation. The brothers must now survive six hours of devilishly clever puzzles in order to save their world from tyranny.
Monochroma tells its story without any cut-scenes, narration, or in-game text. Players learn about the environment and follow the story through carefully crafted black-and-white visuals with splashes of red. As a result, the story is instantly understandable by players of all nationalities without any localization required. More so, the puzzles in Monochroma take a more realistic approach by blending in with the environment. Accurate physics simulation ensures that interaction (pushing/pulling objects, sliding, jumping) always feels right.
Monochroma will launch via Steam on May 28th, for Windows PC, Mac and Linux.