Monster Monpiece Ships to North America

PlayStation Vita game to provide a simple yet strategic card battle system with a charming story
Monster Monpiece, a card battle strategy game with light RPG elements, is now available in North America, Idea Factory International announced. The game will arrive in Europe on June 4th.
In Monster Monpiece, there are four types of Monster Girl units: Melee, Ranged, Healers, and Buffers. Each unit type has an aura color, and summoning consecutive same color units will award you with an Aura Bonus/ You can also fuse two units (Fusion) if they are the same type, which will increase the base unit/s stats.
Some units have Skills and Potentials, which are unique attributes that allow them to heal allies, damage enemies, and more. You may also organize your deck at the academy, where you can also access the Shop, Card Gym, Networkmode, and the Museum.
Monster Monpiece supports Ad hoc and Network modes, so you can test your card decks against other players online.