Magicka: Wizard Wars Open Beta Launched, Trailer Available

Spellcasting action PvP title offers new map, new Magick, and is now free-to-play
Paradox Interactive today announced the start of the open beta testing for Magicka: Wizard Wars, a multi-player multi-element multi-killing game from Paradox North. This version includes a new Wizard Warfare map set in the dark caves of Galdrhöll Halls - where the spectacular effects of players’ spells can really shine, along with the slick red bits of Wizards who probably should have practiced a bit more. A new 'Raise Dead' Magick is also included conjuring forth undead zombie imps who hunger for enemy brains. Furthermore, new robes, staffs, and unique skins also appear in this version.
Ten fresh screenshots and a new video have been added in our download section.