Diablowing Kickstarter Campaign Underway

An action packed 'Loot-em Up' game that features an RPG-style itemization system and fast-paced gameplay
Created by Axeforge, Diablowing is an action packed old-school RPG/shoot-em-up hybrid for PC, iOS and Android that promises a complex action RPG-style itemization system, fast-paced gameplay and an arsenal of unique weapon and modules which allow you to deck out your ship in any way you desire.
The defining feature of Diablowing is itemization. The equipment you can put on your ship ranges from engines and wing-plates to shield generators and salvage modules; from laser beams to heatseeking missiles and artillery cannons. On top of all this weapon diversity, each of these pieces of equipment have uncommon and rare versions with all kinds of randomly generated modifiers, not to mention powerful uniques and item sets. Through planning, imagination and experience you can build a ship that both kicks ass and is uniquely suited to your playstyle.
A Kickstarter page dedicated to the game is located here.