Second Earth Launched, Video Available

As a space commander, you must lead your people to safety in search of a new home, Second Earth
Ntreev Soft today announced that Second Earth, a combat strategy game developed on iOS and Android devices, is available now for free in more than 130 countries around the world, via App Store and Google Play.
Second Earth is a sci-fi strategy game in which players have to grow and defend their own planets by upgrading troops, gathering treasures, strategically deploying facilities like Plasma Cannons, Bunker, and Air Turrets to defend against attack from other players. Unlike other combat strategy games , Second Earth features prompt deployment of the troops. As it takes no time to mobilize armies, such as Hammers, Wild Crabs and Dark Angels, players can fight continuously and grow their bases swiftly to enjoy a fast-paced game. In addition, players can make their battle units stronger through upgrades and will have fun finding their own unique strategies to combine forces to engage in battles.
In Second Earth, players can also form guilds with other users around the world and help one another in battles by trading units. Second Earth is linked with Facebook so that players can enjoy the game with their friends.