Hazard Ops Enters Closed Beta, Screens/Video Released

Action-packed gameplay and unique challenges powered by Unreal Engine 3.5
Infernum today announced the start of the Closed Beta testing for Hazard Ops, a third-person action shooter developed by Yingpei Games (previously Epic Games China). The content available for this first phase will be focused on PvE missions, in which soldiers will need to cooperate to finish scenarios in different difficulty settings. And their mission is going to be extremely tough, having to deal with mutant explosive dogs biting their legs, armored zombies laughing at machine guns or meat-grinding traps which would reduce these heroes to the state of a meaty pancake.
Hazard Ops is operated in North America by En Masse Entertainment under the name Zombies Monsters Robots. Six fresh screenshots and a new video are available for your viewing pleasure.