Luv Me Buddies Coming Tomorrow

A Wii U party game designed to involve the whole family in multiple and fun challenges.
Oxygene Media today announced that the first game based on Luv Me Buddies brand in Europe will arrive in the Nintendo USA eShop on May 29th. Developed by Reward Studios, the product is a collection of Luv Me Buddies-inspired minigames designed for a target age relatively low. The game mechanics requires to the user an easy approach based on the use of the GamePad, but for additional content that will become available in the future the user could be use the Wii Remote to perform a particular minigames in the game.
Each challenge will be focused in a particular context or with a main character, and will require different types of approach in accordance with the objective that the user must reach . In some cases you will be required to use spirit of observation and quick reflexes to identify specific characters or objects that will be presented on the screen. Other times the task will require, besides a good deal of concentration, a large memory usage, which may become necessary to assemble the objects or solve puzzles that will be proposed. There will be also a lot of dynamic challenges that will make the product varied and hectic.