Ryse: Son of Rome Morituri Pack Released, Screens Available

Morituri Pack gives gladiators a slew of exotic and deadly arenas to further their legacy upon the blood-splattered sands of the Colosseum
Along with these screenshots, Crytek and Microsoft Studios have announced that Morituri Pack, a new DLC (downloadable content) for Ryse: Son of Rome, is now available for $7.99 USD through the Xbox Games Store, or as part of the Ryse: Son of Rome Season Pass for $19.99.
The Morituri Pack introduces three new arenas for Gladiator mode (Beacon, False Gods and Revolution) and two for Survival mode (Sulfur River and The Forbidden Forest). Beacon tasks players with infiltrating a barbarian camp, False Gods has gladiators battling in Ancient Egyptian temples, and Revolution is set amid the crumbling ruins of the once majestic Roman Empire. In Sulfur River and The Forbidden Forest, navigate an onslaught of perilous traps as you battle against unsurmountable odds until the bitter end.
The Morituri Pack also includes five arenas that have been optimized for Solo Mode: Beacon, Revolution, False Gods, Market and Garden. Furthermore, the Morituri Pack invites gladiators to don the savage battle armor of Oswald, King of the Britons.