World of Warplanes 1.4 Update Launched, E3 2014 Trailer Released

Game gets new video, high definition and standard versions, new combat elements with the first night-sky map and brand new Tier VI fighters
Wargaming has announced that a new World of Warplanes patch is now live worldwide introducing a total of five new premium Tier VI fighters, each representing the five nations in the game: the Soviet Bell P-39Q-15 Airacobra fighter, German Supermarine Spitfire V DB 605, British North American Mustang Mk.I, Japanese Kawasaki Ki-88, and the American Grumman XP-50 heavy fighter.
Update 1.4 also offers new maps: "Winter War" and "Hidden Airbase". Lit up by the Northern Lights, the first one will task players with fighting enemies in a dark and hazardous environment and is available for aircraft of tiers I to V. The second map features a secret military facility, located in the polar region and surrounded by glacier pathways. This one is available for aircraft of tiers V to X.