Pixel Cup Soccer Released

A retro-style pixel art arcade soccer game with simple controls
Created by Batovi Games Studio, Pixel Cup Soccer comes in two flavors: Pixel Cup Soccer: Maracanazo Crush Brazil (Maracanazo Edition) is a free promo version that features a 2014 version of the 1950 Maracanazo feat. The goal of this game is to beat Brazil by as many goals as possible in a short period of time, and to be featured on its worldwide leaderboard.
Pixel Cup Soccer (Cup Edition) is available for $1.99 USD and includes 16 international teams to play in friendly matches, compete for the Pixel Cup title, or in the iPad version, play against a friend in the local PvP mode that has two players competing on the same tablet, etc.
In both editions you can share your scores via Facebook and your replays via Everyplay.