Victory at Sea Coming to Steam, Screens/Video Available

Victory At Sea is based on the bestselling WW2 naval miniature battle game
Developed by Evil Twin Artworks and published by Mongoose Publishing, Victory at Sea, a naval strategy game developed for the PC, is planned for launch on Steam this August. The new game picks up where the board game left off, playing through three factual theatres of war, all based on real sea battles of WW2. Taking to the helm of Allied Forces ships, you are thrust into the action through three different game modes; campaign, point-battle and historical. Driven by real world events such as D-Day and escorting the USS Indianapolis to Tinian, players can patrol shipping lanes to cut off supplies to ports before attacking them in night and day combats whilst navigating various weather systems.
The game includes over 80 historically accurate ship classes that can be sailed into over 120 ports across the world. A batch of screenshots and a video have been inserted in our download area.