Crea Gets Steam Early Access

Crea is an easily moddable, 2D sandbox game with RPG elements, a lighthearted mood and a colorful art style
Siege Games has announced that Crea is now available via Steam Early Access for PC (Windows) Mac and Linux for 10% off the full retail price of $14.99 (USD) or currency equivalent for the first week. 4-packs of the game are also available at 10% off the full retail price of $44.97.
Drawing on the pioneers of the sandbox genre such as Minecraft and Terraria, Crea features combat and crafting in randomly-generated worlds for you to explore, tear apart and build back up in your own design. What sets Crea apart from other sandbox games is that it's created with modders in mind. Every aspect of Crea is designed to be easy to modify and customize.