Steam Workshop Support Added to Insurgency

New map also added
New World Interactive today announced that Insurgency, a commercial version of the popular free-to-play Source mod Insurgency released five years ago, now has full Steam Workshop integration. Gamers are able to easily create and share their own custom game theaters, maps, weapons skins, audio packs, and more, truly enhancing and diversifying the game experience.
To commemorate this milestone update, Insurgency is available on Steam's week long promotional deal for only $9.99 (a 33% discount from the SRP of $14.99).
In addition to Steam Workshop integration, Insurgency also received a content update that includes a new map called Sinjar, which is a remastering of one of the most popular maps in Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat mod. There is also a new weapon for the Security team: the M14 EBR.