Siesta Fiesta E3 2014 Trailer and Screens

Siesta Fiesta combines various elements of classic arcade gameplay to create a truly unique adventure
Developed by Mojo Bones for the Nintendo 3DS, Siesta Fiesta is a colorful action game where players take control of the snoozing Siesta as he is taken on a one-of-a-kind tour of Fiestaville: home to the beloved Fiestas. You will use Siesta's bed to bounce, boost and rebound across the island’s 8 fun-filled regions. You can also use the ball-like Siesta to smash Piñata Blocks, activate Power-ups, battle bosses and trigger a host of whacky contraptions.
Siesta Fiesta will launch in Q2 2014 - seven screenshots and a video are available for your viewing pleasure.