TinyKeep Teaser Video

Battle against unique intelligent monsters in this action RPG set in deep underground dungeons
Originally inspired by classic roguelikes and RPGs such as Rogue, NetHack, Ultima IV, and boardgames like Hero Quest, TinyKeep is a 3D dungeon crawler currently under development by Phigame. In essence, TinyKeep is a 3D real-time action RPG, focusing on exploration and combat. At its heart, it promises a sophisticated AI system, designed to produce unique monster intelligence that behaves in unpredictable ways.
Players will embrace the role of a hopeless prisoner held deep in a forgotten dungeon who one day wakes up to find themselves mysteriously released. Their saviour is nowhere to be seen, but the cell door is broken and ajar, tempting them with the sweet scent of freedom. With nothing but a flickering lantern and a strange letter left behind by their in-mate, they must venture into the darkness and make their escape.
TinyKeep will be available for PC at launch in September with the Mac and Linux platforms soon to follow.