Deponia and Edna & Havey Gone Mobile

Daedalic brings puzzling to mobile
Daedalic Entertainment and Chromatrix have announced that Deponia - The Puzzle and Edna & Harvey - The Puzzle are now available for Android tablets, via Google Play and the Amazon App Store for 1.79/$1.99/GBP 1.49/RUR 66. Each game features 96 puzzles in the form of the popular backgrounds from the award winning Deponia trilogy and Edna & Harvey series.
Three different modes are available in the single-player version. In the classic Search & Find mode, players have to find the right puzzle pieces for a given field as quickly as possible in order to earn maximum points. Additional drag & drop modes, rotating puzzles, and a variety of difficulty levels are also included.
The highlight of the mobile version is the two-player mode. Once a puzzle has been unlocked, it can be played with someone else from then on. Two friends can compete at puzzling on the same tablet in a speedy picture duel.