Ilya Muromets Unveiled

A flight sim dedicated to World War I
1С Game Studios and the Russian Military Historical Society are working on Ilya Muromets, a new flight sim that covers the events of the air war on the Eastern Front during WWI and features the gigantic and legendary four-engine bomber of the Imperial Russian Air Force. This plane became the first large bomber in the history of aerial warfare and is the forefather of the multi-engine long-range strategic aviation of later conflicts.
Ilya Muromets also features several additional fighter planes and attack planes from Russia, Germany and Austro-Hungary. A map covering a portion of the Eastern Front (territory of modern Ukraine) will be included in the game. This was an active theatre for the Ilya Muromets during the war where several famous missions took place. The game will include a set of challenging single-player mission scenarios along with a quick mission builder and multiplayer capability.
Ilya Muromets will arrive in Q4 2014 - a Steam Early Access version will launch on August 1st.