Land of Labyrinth Kickstarter Campaign Begins, Screens Released

A 3D action/adventure game that takes you on an A-maze-ing journey through a variety of labyrinths set in a fantasy world
Unveiling these screenshots, indie startup Huracan Studio has launched Kickstarter campaign for Land of Labyrinth, an action adventure gamer powered by Unity 3D engine. You are Sven, a young adventurer in search of his disappeared father, who must travel throughout a series of huge levels structured in form of mazes. Each one of them is unique in its style and complexity.
But finding the exit is not the only difficulty as you will encounter various sorts of creatures that inhabit the labyrinths, some are dangerous, others might help you. Fortunately, you will be able to make use of magic potions, special weapons and other useful Items along the way. You control the main character in a 3rd person perspective. You can explore and collect different kind of objects, find secret places that hide valuable items, fight numerous enemies or avoid them by hiding and sneaking them out.
At the end of each level you will encounter the guardian of the level, basically the final boss that you will need to defeat in order to progress to the next labyrinth. Until you reach the final Labyrinth and fight the Master of Labyrinth himself.