Bot Colony Gets Steam Early Access

The first game to use conversational English as the primary way to interact with characters
North Side Inc. today announced that Bot Colony is now available via Steam Early Access together with a free browser-based mini-game, 20 Questions with Jimmy, playable now at Bot Colony Season 1: Landfall includes playable Alpha versions of the first two episodes, Intruder and Arrival, and the pre-order to Episode 3, Riot (entitling players to early access to the Riot Alpha, coming later this summer).
Bot Colony is based on a thriller novel involving a large Japanese robot manufacturer, Nakagawa Corp. It is 2021, and a spy from KHT, Nakagawa's arch-competitor, has infiltrated the high-tech giant's seemingly impregnable south Pacific sanctuary. The spy has re-programmed the island's robots and is destabilizing Bot Colony, but this is only the precursor to a larger, more terrifying scheme. You have 3 days to catch him, and you'll need to rely on machines to get the job done.
Note that the game comes to Steam with support for Microsoft Speech (included with Windows), so you can set up a voice profile to play the game and communicate with characters by speaking into a mic. Developers also allow players to type messages, or you can seamlessly combine speaking and typing according to one’s preference.