Warhammer 40,000: Carnage Android Version Released, Launch Video/Screens Available

A fast-moving action side-scroller, where the right combination of weapons and wargear and upgrades, make the difference between life and death
Roadhouse Interactive Limited has announced that Warhammer 40,000: Carnage Announced, a side-scrolling action RPG developed for iOS and Android, is now available via Google Play. Warhammer 40,000: Carnage takes gamers straight into a world of chaotic action, as an iconic and powerful Space Marine, ripping through the Ork horde with brutal menace. Players can equip themselves with a lethal arsenal of Boltguns, Chainswords, Grenades, Thunder Hammers, and more. They can also team up to complete challenging Fireteam missions.
A new video and five fresh screenshots have been inserted in our download area.