Hannibal: Terror of Rome Released

This is a stand-alone game that does not require the Alea Jacta Est base game to play
Developed by Ageod and published by Slitherine, Hannibal: Terror of Rome brings back to life the epic clash between two superpowers of the Ancient World: Rome and Carthage. The players will be able to join the armies of the best strategists of the Carthaginian empire like Hamilcar Barca or Hannibal and his elephants in order to break the Roman hegemony on the Mediterranean Sea. Alternatively, they will be able to protect Rome and his frontiers and set up plans to repulse the fearsome Punic threat.
Built on the AGE engine and offering a comprehensive level of detail and historical accuracy, Hannibal: Terror of Rome puts you in charge of building, managing, organizing and maneuvering armies, whilst taking into account the economic, military and political situation.