Medieval Story Indiegogo Campaign Underway, Screens/Video Released

Action-adventure built using an in-house isometric engine
OddGames has launched an Indiegogo campaign for Medieval Story, an isometric third-person action adventure game with exploration and puzzle elements. Medieval Story takes place in an open medieval world which invites you to venture down dark forests paths, explore damp caves and abandoned dungeons.
According to OddGame, combat and movement are controlled in real time. This means that each attack and block/parry has to be executed explicitly. It gives the player more control of the outcome and more freedom to explore the world. The game is not centered on experience points or some random loot system. Instead the player's skill and the quality of the gear that is earned determines the outcome of a battle. Medieval Story also features simulation of time with night and day cycles, dynamic lighting and shadows.
Three screenshots and a video are available for your viewing pleasure.