Zombie Driver: Ultimate Edition Released for Xbox One, Screens/Video Available

Published through the ID@XBOX program
Revealing a video and these screenshots, EXOR Studioshas announced that Zombie Driver: Ultimate Edition, an enhanced edition of Zombie Driver, is now available on Xbox One for $14.99. Developers doubled the number of zombies roaming the streets and placed a lot more weapons around the city which results in much more dynamic gameplay. They also overhauled scene lighting, added soft ambient occlusion shadows (HBAO) as well as a few extra touches like depth fog, environment reflections, new animated objects, increased texture resolution, improved particle animation or physically simulated particles. Zombie Driver: Ultimate Edition is running in native 1080p resolution (without upscaling, interpolation or anything like that) at 60 FPS, as opposed to 720p rendering at 30 FPS on the Xbox 360.
Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition includes all of the downloadable content that was ever created for the game, plus a new pack of car skins that hasn't been released on any other platform yet. Moreover, the Blood Race campaign now includes additional cars as rewards for winning the tournaments.