We Are the Dwarves! Kickstarter Campaign Underway, Screens/Videos Released

A single-player game where action slasher is successfully mixed with tactical gameplay and unique story is well told through replayable levels
Whale Rock Games, a game studio from Kiev, Ukraine, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for We Are The Dwarves!, a PC/Mac real-time tactics set in a unique world with no day or night, but it still has luminaries - the Stars - and it is full of different alien creatures and ancient monsters.
We Are the Dwarves! is a single-player game where you control three dwarves team, each of them having their own set of exclusive skills. It features active game pause mode for better setting of tactic moves - just stop the game and command your dwarves what to do, and watch them performing when you release the game. You can create the sequence of actions for all three characters in the same time (stack of commands), and, depending on what you want from the level, you can play in the style of slasher or think through stealth tactics.
Nine pics and two videos are available for your viewing pleasure.