History in Letters: The Eternal Alchemist Revealed, First Screens Available

From the creators of Galaxy Fighter, Handball Simulator: European Tournament 2010, Emergency Ambulance Simulator, and Solar Struggle
Releasing these screenshots, independent game studio Z-Software GmbH announced History in Letters The Eternal Alchemist, an adventure game which combines classical point and click aspects with mini game puzzles and hidden object elements. The game is set in modern day France and includes locations across the country. The main character, Dr. Remy Chaveau, is an upcoming philologist who gets dragged into various adventures. His first adventure starts after obtaining an old book from a client, an encrypted diary; during his attempts to decipher it one word sticks out like none other: Flamel.
History in Letters: The Eternal Alchemist is currently in development for PC, Mac and tablets; in future more platforms might be added.