DRAKERZ-Confrontation Released in the US

DRAKERZ-Confrontation is the first ever tactical card game in augmented reality for PC
Previously released in Europe, DRAKERZ-Confrontation, a free-to-play trading cards game created by French developer Peoleo Entertainment, can also be played in the US via Drakerz.com and Steam. In the game, players - or Drakerz - collect physical premium cards that are shown to players' webcams to call legendary creatures known as Drakos to appear in an arena and fight virtually using augmented reality. Codes on the cards create animated sequences on players' screens. Point scoring and card cost is managed entirely by the computer, freeing the player to concentrate on combat.
In addition to multiplayer mode, DRAKERZ-Confrontation offers a variety of duels against the computer in the story mode. For players without a webcam, an entirely virtual version is also available. For players without a PC, the game can be played offline using the trading cards.