Endless Legend Enters Beta, Screens Released

Two new factions, multiplayer, improved AI, and more showcased in Amplitude Studios' upcoming 4X strategy title
Revealing these six fresh screenshots, Iceberg Interactive announced that a Beta version of Endless Legend is now available via Steam Early Access. Since revealing the Alpha version in April 2014, Amplitude has been actively working on improving the game by building out two new factions (The Ardent Mages and The Roving Clans), implementing the fully functional multiplayer mode, a deeply enhanced battle system, improved diplomacy, and much more.
As Endless Legend nears completion, the Early Access discount will go down to 10%. Note that for the duration of the Beta only, Classic Pack owners will be able to upgrade to a Founder Pack thanks to the option now available on the Steam store page; once the game releases, it will be too late to upgrade.