Crazy Machines 2: Jewel Digger Add-on Released, Screens Available

Imagination is all the player will need to invent unique contraptions that drill and explode to harvest a fortune
Releasing these screenshots, Viva Media announced the availability of Crazy Machines 2: Jewel Digger, a new add-on that allows players to build amazing tunnels, set up carts and fill them with a treasure trove of jewels and gold. Highly complex machines can be constructed by using new parts such as an elevator or a robot controlled drill. Players can even transform nuggets into gold bars by stoking up hot coals and firing up the furnace.
The game includes 8 various puzzles including, Bling Bling!, Jewels for All, Make Gold to Gold, Coal to Gold, What Goes Up Must Come Down, Collector's Passion, A Long Journey, plus a spanking new dynamic background. Blocks of earth and rock, jewels, gold, drills, pick axe, elevator, and a furnace are highlights in the new collection of included parts.