Onigiri Launched

Onigiri is set in an alternate universe of mythological Japan filled with demon Youkai and humans coexisting with the blessings of the ancient gods
Onigiri is a game that takes place in an ancient and mythological Japan, a world where the human race and non-human races such as Oni (ogres) and Youkai (monsters) coexist. Players play as a descendant of the Oni, gifted with mighty powers, and must adventure across the expansive world. With friends and companions in arms, players will fight against devils from the netherworld during their pursuit of the shadow clan, the "Goikkou".
With the opening of the official service, CyberStep is adding to all new areas to the world of Onigiri. Sekigahara and Kaga will be the next locations players move to continue their quest, heading into the northern regions of mythical Japan, where mysteries and foes await. For a limited time, "Sheryl" from the popular anime series "Tantei
Opera Milky Holmesc" by Bushiroadc can be found in the game. Players will be able to help her out, and a limited time only event item will be available in the Shopping Plaza.