Meridian: New World New Content Released, Demo Available

Created by the single-person development studio Elder Games
Headup Games today announced that Meridian: New World, a single player sci-fi real-time strategy game with the huge focus on storytelling, has entered the third phase of Early Access on Steam. The latest update introduced two new campaign missions "Control" and "Sector 16-2B", which include more visits to your ship, giving you additional options to uncover parts of the story. In addition the Commander Level cap has been raised to 25, allowing you to unlock more Commander Abilities and more combat options.
Along with these changes, users of the Standard Edition of the game now have access to the Map Editor, to create and share fun content through Steam Workshop. Users of the Contributors Edition of the game will also receive a little something, in the form of exclusive access to Image and Video material as well as developers' notes from early stages of Meridians development, handpicked by developer Ede Tarsoly.
A playable demo, which is equivalent in scope to the content of Early Access Phase 1, is locally mirrored.