Kidnapped Joins Steam Greenlight

Kidnapped is a psychologically story-driven adventure horror game, with a great emphasis on exploration, puzzle-solving and combat
Developed by Deceptive Games for the PC, Kidnapped is a dynamic psychologically indie horror game that tells the tale of Sabastian Lee from Sterling City, Scotland. Sabastian vanished mysteriously without a trace and was never seen again. You take on the role of Sabastian in order to discover the truth to what happened in the winter of 1992 - you will traverse through a spooky two hundred year old manor, dark damp caves, an eerie forest full of wildlife and an old majestic church.
More than fifty percent of the objects in the game can be interactive with, whether examined, used, or picked up. The game's aim is to continuously unnerve the player by dynamically changing the game world as the player progresses, and to tell a rich story that stays with the player long after completion.
Kidnapped needs your votes on Steam Greenlight here.