Warframe PS4 Update 13.7 Launched

New Trophies, weapons and armor packs added to the game
Digital Extremes has announced that another update for Warframe is now live adding Dark Sectors, which are new uncharted areas of space filled with bonus experience and boosted resources. By working together as a Clan or in an Alliance, players can construct a Solar Rail to gain access to these Dark Sectors. The Clan who controls the Sector can reap certain benefits, so pick a side and prepare to defend your Solar Rail from any Tenno who would sabotage your control.
In addition, thanks to the Melee 2.0 update each weapon now has its own upgradeable stance that unlocks a variety of combos to be used when setting aside your firearm in favor of close-combat. Every melee weapon in the game from swords to whips, axes to twin daggers each has their own unique fighting stance, and in most cases more than one.
The update also introduced a water-based Warframe called Hydroid. Sporting a stylish pirate hat, Hydroid is a unique blend of offensive crowd control - able to call down a ranged liquid bombardment, summon a swarm of tentacles to wreak havoc upon the enemy, and turn into a crashing wave of water that can knock down foes. He also can turn into a puddle and drown enemies inside of himself, which is a strange but satisfying way to deal with the opposition.