Voyage to Farland Joins Steam Greenlight, Screens/Video Released

A hardcore graphical roguelike inspired by the Japanese Mystery Dungeon games
Developed by Peculiar Games, Voyage to Farland is a roguelike game designed to introduce old school gameplay to a wider audience by adding animated graphics and a simple control scheme. Voyage to Farland is "traditional" in the sense that it is turn-based, enforces permadeath and plays out on a grid as the original game Rogue does. But despite being turn-based, it plays at a fast pace giving the player a near platformer feel.
There are also a few more twists to the formula, including "roguelike social networking" or, in normal-speak, a rescue system where the player's gamer pals can come rescue him or her after they've been vanquished.
Voyage to Farland needs your votes on Steam Greenlight here - four screenshots and a video are available for your viewing pleasure.