Epigenesis Release Date Announced, Screens/Video Released

Winner of Make Something Unreal Live 2013 and Game of the Year of Swedish Game Awards 2013 coming next month
Independent studio Dead Shark Triplepunch announced that Epigenesis, currently available via Steam Early Access, will launch on August 1st. Epigenesis is an online multiplayer arena sports game in which two sides are locked in a never-ending fight for world-domination by playing ball. In this non-lethal ballgame of the future, the players leap across the rooftops of skyscrapers trying to get a ball located in the middle of the arena and scores goals against their opponents. Each player carries a gravity cannon capable of pushing enemies (and friends) down from the heights of the arena.
Dead Shark Triplepunch also confirmed a tournament which will be open to European teams and will have prizes from Cooler Master's PC gaming gear catalogue. Six fresh screenshots and a new video have been added in our download section.