Lightpack Ambient Lighting System for TV and PC Gaming Available Now

Visually stimulating ambient lighting system can be purchased online for $99
Created by Woodenshark, Lightpack is an open-source, ambient lighting system that works with TV, PC, Mac or HTPC displays to watch movies, play games and even in daily work. This plug-and-play device provides ambient back-lighting that syncs with the on-screen action to create a tremendously more enjoyable and immersive viewing experience. It also reduces eye strain for people watching a movie in a dark room by reducing the time your eye needs to adapt from a dark space to a bright scene.
To install the Lightpack device you must mount the Lightpack receiver on the back of a PC, laptop or TV screen. The 10 LED-sets are then attached to the back edges of the screen, and the LEDs are then connected to the Lightpack receiver via the enclosed cables. Finally, you must plug in the power supply and the micro USB to the PC, Mac or HTPC. There is no need to install any device drivers - just the Prismatik software.