Guild Wars 2 Entanglement Update Launched, Video Available

Heroes of Tyria must make their stand against a fast materialising threat in Entanglement, the newest release in Guild Wars 2's Living World
Releasing a new video, NCSOFT and ArenaNet announced that Entanglement, the latest content update for Guild Wars 2, is now live. The Living World’s second season premiered on 1st July with Gates of Maguuma, which introduced a ruthless new threat emerging in the game world of Tyria. Among its first victims were the Zephyrites, peaceful traveling merchants whose legendary airship Zephyr Sanctum suffered a horrific crash at the hands of a saboteur.
In Entanglement, the players are being summoned to join their fellow Tyrian heroes to face off against this quickly growing and seemingly ancient evil now terrorizing the Maguuma Wastes. Note that once you've completed the Entanglement story, you will be able to replay it through the new Story Journal feature. Going forward, you can unlock repeatable content from each release and earn challenging achievements.