Making History: The Great War Delayed

The game will continue to be available to players at a discounted price as part of Steam's Early Access program as well as at the company's website
Previously scheduled for July 28th, Making History: The Great War, a turn based strategy game of global war set in the volatile period of the early 20th century, has been delayed to September 9th, Muzzy Lane Software announced. The current discounted price of $29.99 will remain until the time of the official release, after which the game will sell for $39.99.
The latest game in the Making History series places you in the role of national leader with the power to choose your own path and alter the course of history. It is primarily a game about conquest, but with a twist - skillful governing of your conquests will be required to achieve victory.
Making History: The Great War will include LAN multiplayer as well as free use of the dedicated multiplayer service at The service allows friends to compete against each other from separate locations, even at separate times, or together head to head. Players can also create their own scenarios with the Making History Game Editor. The Editor allows players to completely mod the game and then play their new scenarios with their friends.