Awesomenauts Assemble v1.01 Update Deployed

This update brings the first parts of the successfully kickstarted Starstorm expansion over to the PS4 platform as well as a host of fixes and updates
Developed by Ronimo Games and Abstraction Games, the PS4 version of the game now offers two new Starstorm characters (Ted McPain and Penny Fox) as well as a new feature - Custom Games - that allows players to set up and customize their own private matches. Customization examples include playing different game modes (Randomnauts and Team Deathmatch), allowing the same class multiple times within a team, let the game automatically buy random upgrades and adjusting the starting resources.
With this update, the game has also received lots of visual, balancing and networking improvements. Some of the biggest changes include: an overhaul to all damage numbers, basic health regeneration for all characters from the start and automatic character and upgrade selection when players rejoin a match they had previously left.