The Long Dark Second Video Released

The Long Dark is an episodic open-world survival simulation developed for PC, Mac, and Linux
Hinterland Studio, a development team formed by game industry veteran Raphael van Lierop, has unveiled another video for The Long Dark, a first-person post-disaster survival simulation set in the aftermath of a geomagnetic super storm that has destroyed North America's technology infrastructure. In the first season of this episodic series, players experience this grim new reality through the eyes of bush pilot William Mackenzie, isolated with other survivors in the Northern wilderness as a result of the event.
Gameplay emphasizes exploration to gather resources and knowledge about the world, while mastering a deep survival simulation to overcome the myriad natural and man-made hazards of the new frontier. Players will also face difficult moral choices that will affect the outcome of gameplay, story, and ultimately, the course of humanity's recovery.
The Long Dark will be available via Steam Early Access in September 2014.